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    Resources and Tools for HMDA data collected in or after HMDA Data Entry Software (DES) for HMDA data collected in or before Maintained by the FFIEC. For suggestions this site, Contact Us. Last Modified: 09/06/ PM. Reportable HMDA Data: A Regulatory and Overview Reference Chart for HMDA Data Collected in a This chart is intended to be used as a reference tool for data points required to be collected, recorded, and reported under Regulation C, as . On March 31, , the Modified LAR data was released. the HMDA Platform with HMDA data collected in or after , financial institutions will use the HMDA Platform to upload their loan/application registers (LARs), review edits, certify the and completeness of the data, and submit data for the year. Time: 2 minutes to perform a “regulator mandated” Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) resubmission is hard work. And, if you don’t put the work in before you submit your Loan Application Register (LAR), you may get the opportunity to do just that anyways. As we begin the New Year and wrap up Read moreHMDA – Confidence that you are it Right” in Mar 09,  · our proprietary HMDA software, we compare your source documents in the loan file to the data points recorded on the HMDA LAR and provide you with an exception report data points which need correction. Contact us today to begin your HMDA LAR Data Scrub. The Instructions Guide (FIG) is a compendium of resources to help you file HMDA data you collected in 20 20 with the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (Bureau) in These resources are briefly described in this section and are further detailed throughout this document in . HMDA Software Digest In today’s modern world, it becomes simply unavoidable to progress your business the technological advancement of e-commerce. Most corporate industries are already systemized programs incorporated into their daily business transactions and procedures such as data analysis and consultancy practices. See how HMDA software will analyze your data for Fair compliance risk. With this compliance analysis tool, you'll identify disparities and reduce risk! Plus, we also offer HMDA LAR submission functionality for an all-in-one HMDA compliance solution. Dec 18,  · CRA/HMDA Software Downloads Version for the CY CRA data due March 2, is now available. Each software version is year-specific (i.e. requires CRA DES and not CRA DES).

    Goals can only be achieved when you have and apply systems and processes to make those goals real. For example, is income calculated and entered consistently? We want each to be as correct as possible. Do the documents and calculations support the entries in the LAR? Making the call early in the loan process makes other steps easier. Have you provided training to lenders, loan assistants, and processors to identify HMDA loans? If not, can a pattern be discerned regarding weak points and inconsistencies? Can your lending staff identify all the loan types — consumer and commercial — applicable to HMDA? We, as well as bank regulators, knew the LAR and the related data collection requirements had become more tedious. The software tallies organizes and compiles vast categorical information stored and recorded in the system. We ensure to deliver a revolutionary tool data builder integrated into a user-friendly platform. Community Banks. The redlining and underwriting risk monitoring tool, on the other hand, provides the market data per categorical grounds of customers; and the latter involves tracing out significant difference of statistics in terms of the status of loan applications using their profile types such as the race, gender, age, ethnicity as part of their qualifications. Our company is one of the top servers of comprehensive system software that empowers HMDA software support for a logical formula such as lending monitoring, risk assessment, file review of transactions, mapping, and statistical study.

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