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    Aug 25,  · Medical terminology, abbreviations worksheet: Download PDF: August 25, by dramjad Leave a Comment Doctors and others health care professional used medical abbreviations for the instruction of patients. Medical Terminology: Abbreviations Worksheet. Name_____ Date_____ Period_____ Page 2 of 2 Medical Abbreviations Health The Medical Assistant Peppa asks about FH. She then checks her ht, wt, v/s and has requested a list of any meds she is currently. Study Medical Terminology (Prefixes) Flashcards at ProProfs - Medical Terminology Prefixes Worksheet. medical prefi xes, you can fi gure out the of terms that may not be immediately familiar to you. lists common prefi xes. 6 Suffi xes Suffixes are placed at the end of words to change the original In medical terminology, a suffix usually indi-cates a . medical terms properly is vital to and patients, and these quiz/worksheet tools will assess your knowledge of how to correctly form medical terminology. Appendix A – Medical Word Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes and Forms Medical Word Element a-, an- without, not ab- away from -ac to acr/o extremities acou-, acous/o aden/o gland adip/o fat adren/o, adrenal/o adrenal glands. Legal Procedures Terminology Circle the correct answer 1. An appellant is: a. a party in a lawsuit in the trial court b. the party in a demurrer c. the wife in every divorce action d. a litigant who appeals an order made by a lower court 2. An injunction is: a. a suit against a labor union b. The four types of word parts used to create medical terms are: word roots, forms, suffixes, and pre-fixes. Guidelines for their use are shown in Table 1. A word root contains the basic of the term. In medical terminology, this word part usually, but . Give students a copy of “Medical Terminology – Word Roots.” (Appendix 1HA) Have students make flash cards and work in pairs to learn the word roots. The same process may be used for “Medical Terminology - Prefixes and Suffixes.” (Appendix 1HB) Teamwork A.

    Venereal is derived from Venus, the goddess of love. A combining form. Common Medical Root Words The root of a word is its main part and core meaning. Most common medical terms used today are derived from Latin or Greek. Fundamentals of Medical Terminology. Browse Browse by subject. Students beginning any kind of medical course are faced with a bewildering set of complex medical terms. What might the word root be converted to when it is used in a medical term? Track course progress. Cancel anytime. Click here for more course information. Abscess, adolescence, alimentation, alopecia, Alzheimer, analyze, aneurysm, anorexia, arrhythmia, ascites, asphyxia, asystole, auscultation, callus, catheter, Caucasian, chickenpox, cirrhosis, curettage, decubitus, diabetes mellitus, diaphoresis, diaphragm, dilatation, diphtheria, eczema, effusion, elicit, epididymitis, fascia, flaccid, gallbladder, gangrene, gauge, gonorrhea, hemoptysis, hemorrhoid, humerus, hygiene, icterus, inoculate, intraocular, intussusception, ischemia, melanin, menstruation, oophorectomy, ophthalmology, orthopnea, pacemaker, palliative, palpate, palpitation, perineum, periosteum, peritoneum, peroneal, prosthesis, prostate, protocol, pruritus, rhythm, sagittal, sedentary, sequela, sieve, spleen, splenectomy, supersede, syncope, syphilis, tonsils, tonsillectomy, tricuspid, ventricle, vertical, and xiphoid. Our Interactive Medical terminology course The self-teaching, online interactive medical terminology course contains over nine-hundred short interactive exercises that enable the reader to learn the language of medicine quickly and simply. Both Latin and Greek play a role in the roots of the word for heart, cardium.

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