• Barista Resume Sample - Objectives, Skills, Duties and Responsibilities

    We aim to keep exceptional coffee to a satisfied consumer base and provide dedicated after-sales services. We also seek to create and identify new blends and trends in order to expand our selection. Our staff works on methods to make Italian espresso suited for our clients’ preference and taste. Examples of Barista responsibilities. Make and serve specialty coffee and tea beverages. Speak and interact with both new and regular customers. Maintain a clean and sanitized work station. Follow health and safety guidelines. Adhere to recipes and presentations for food and beverage items. Attention to Detail. Many coffee shop customers make very specific drink requests. It is up to the barista to measure and mix all of the and create the drink the customer wants. This requires high attention to detail, as well as some general and math skills. Barista. Greeted and listened effectively to customers to ensure courteous and quick service. Maintained café cleanliness at all times, tables, condiment bar, and trash. Prepared and served drinks and food in with health codes and café standards. Apr 15,  · Short and Long term Goals Goals. SMART Goals. Specific, measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. I am not too sure if many hold value in goals as much as I do but I think it is necessary. goals allow us to set Who we want to be. (Maybe What we want to be too) (Barista-. Skills. 10+ years experience as a Barista. 5+ years experience in a management capacity. Bachelor’s Degree, Hotel, and Restaurant Management. Certification, Level 2 Barista Guild of America. Certification, Level 1 Barista Guild of America. Certification; Hospitality . A barista resume will make you stand out among the other candidates, so it would be wise to create one. Home» Career Center» Resumes» Resume How-To» 10 Necessary Skills to Include in Your Barista Resume. 10 Necessary Skills to Include in Your Barista Resume. By MyPerfectResume Staff Writer.

    Preparing the store to close. This may mean that they must allow more time in order to achieve the same goals, or find other ways of achieving these goals. When writing a resume or CV for the job of a barista, you should give attention to your resume objective as it can decide if the recruiter reads or rejects your resume on first sight. For others, these goals may be short-term decisions that form a stepping stone to reaching another goal. But it should also be mixed with customer relations; attending to concerns, issues and requests, product testing, making product suggestions and building rapport. What is your current situation? Pin It on Pinterest. Food Service Manager. You can register for workshops, gain a little knowledge and confidence, and wow your friends and family. If you manage to head down in this area, there is aplenty of good cafes within walking distance from Toby's Estate. Attention to detail Food service positions involve close attention to detail and cleanliness.

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