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    The state or territory issued birth certificate is a secure A4 paper document, generally Full name at birth, at birth, parent(s) and older address(es), date and place of birth, name of the registrar, date of registration, date of issue of certificate, a registration number, with . Aug 22,  · Garko finds out that a military industrial complex company owns his birth certificate which is worth $ by a stock broker and the digits that are in the bottom right of the B.C. Then your birth certificate bond became a negotiable instrument just like any security instrument under Article 3, code of commercial law in which the world falls under. The bonds are hypothecated and on the stock market until their value is unlimited for all intents and purposes. Birth Certificate Bonds. There is no monetary value to a birth certificate or a social security number/EIN, and TreasuryDirect must be funded by the owner (through payroll deductions or from directly from the owner's personal to have any value. Nov 21,  · Every citizen is given a number (*the red number on the Birth Certificate) and each live birth is reported to be valued at , to , Federal Reserve dollars in collateral from the Fed. The birth certificate created a FICTION (the name of the in upper case letters). The state/ province sells the birth certificate to the Commerce Department of the corporations of USA, which in turn places a bond on the birth certificate thereby it a negotiable instrument, and the fiction, called a STRAWMAN, into the warehouse of the corporations of USA. May 30,  · Birth Certificate Money – The Value of Your Birth Certificate Bond. What you do with this valuable information will either hold the current value or add to the value by you the stock broker company that is YOUR Birth Certificate Bond Funds and/or your SS# Trust Funds that make up your Prepaid, Exempt. Obtain an Original Birth Certificate. When an adoption is finalized, the state issues a new birth certificate to the adoptive parents. The adoptee’s original birth certificate is then sealed and kept confidential by the state’s vital records department. Half the states in the U.S. require a . Jan 17,  · When your birth certificate was monetized and converted into a UNITED STATES Government Bond shortly after your birth by your Mother, your .

    You can regain control by simply filing a notice of lien against the birth certificate. Retrieved 31 May Retrieved 8 September There are many reasons why births go unregistered, including social and cultural beliefs and attitudes; alternative documents and naming ceremonies; remote areas, poor infrastructure; economic barriers; lack of office staff, equipment and training; legal and political restrictions; fear of discrimination and persecution; war, conflict and unrest or simply the fact that there is no system in place. Since a corporation is a fictitious "person" it can not speak, see, touch, smell, etc. In point of fact, you should be able to go into any store in America and buy anything and everything in sight, telling the clerk to charge it to your Exemption account, which is identified by a nine-digit number that you will recognize as your Social Security number without the dashes. However, the release of information varies by state. It should be. The Czech Republic will also register foreigners in some cases. What is our TDA? Wikimedia Commons has media related to Birth certificates.

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