The following general conditions must be met to designate an employee as exempt:. Claire is an outstanding performer whom Sonja has let work an alternative schedule so that she may drop off her kids at school each day. No matter how you considered the situation, the new non-exempt from overtime pay rules would have created a two-tiered society in the workplace. Article Sources. Check with your state department of labor website for rules in your location. Department of Labor. This allows breathing room while the salary threshold is further discussed. All other employees would automatically be eligible for overtime regardless of job responsibilities. A vehicle is decontaminated at the vehicle decontamination site in Calvert County, Md. Should this ruling not have been struck down, many people believed that employers would have limited overtime and that the law would have forced them to deal with a two-tiered social system in the workplace. Trust that the salary threshold needs to increase to a reasonable number and look to see this in the future after review. Proponents believed that millions of employees would have become eligible for overtime pay and that employers would have been forced to hire more employees to accomplish the work. Human Resources Glossary. Historical Changes to Overtime Status Rules. The major change that would have occurred was a blow to the egalitarian culture that many workplaces have provided in recent years for employees.

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