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    The Fire Support Officer is a military job title for the Field Artillery Officer who is the chief advisor to the maneuver commander. The FSO has the job of all forms of indirect fire support into the battle plan of the maneuver commander. In order to do so he must be intimately familiar with the tactics of the field artillery and. The OER (Officer Evaluation Report) Support Form, DA Form , is a wonderful tool to establish priorities, focus, and goals for an officer. Unfortunately, we are not formerly trained on how to complete one effectively and we usually must rely on others to give us advice. oer support form and oer vignette – vo. situation. prepare an oer support form the information below. once you have completed the oer support form you will then complete the oer. rated officer’s social – (duties and responsibilities screen) principal duty title - company commander. aoc/br -. Roles & Responsibilities of a Battalion Executive Officer. The battalion executive officer is the second in command of a U.S. Army infantry battalion, a combat force typically of from to 1, soldiers organized into several rifle companies, a weapons company and a . CHAPTER 2 DUTIES OF THE FIRE SUPPORT TEAM AND THE OBSERVER. FIRE SUPPORT TEAM. a. Personnel and Equipment. Indirect fire support . brigade fire support officer The brigade FSO's duties and responsibilities are as follows: With the brigade S3's help, integrates fire support into the commander's scheme of maneuver. Officer Evaluation Record System (OER) OER Support Form. Junior Officer Development Support Form. Officer Evaluation Report. Types of Reports. Significant Duties and Responsibilities (refer to DA Form ) OFFICER EVALUATION RECORD. Part IV: (Performance Evaluation) Character. Apr 01,  · OER support forms. They are 20 percent pain in the butt and 80 percent extremely helpful, especially as a point for goals and in your rated time. The Officer Evaluation Report (OER) Support Form allows you to state your personal goals in your specific job position and your. Executive Officer of the Fort Hood Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) comprised of the Fire Department and Law Enforcement Services with over Soldiers, Department of the Army Civilians and Security Contractors. Keeps the Deputy Director briefed and apprised on File Size: KB.

    Visit here for important information on these topics. He specializes in topics related to the areas in which he worked for more than three decades, including finance, insurance, labor relations and human resources. We need more 13F examples. They are 20 percent pain in the butt and 80 percent extremely helpful, especially as a starting point for listing goals and accomplishments in your rated time. Benefit Programs. Performs the duties of the Company FSO in his absence. Armed Forces or Department of Veteran Affairs. Supervises the performance of operator, crew and organizational maintenance of section equipment and vehicles. My commander and other lieutenants would look to me for guidance and direction. Institutionalize Army values and leadership doctrine as the common framework for junior officer development. Assists in the target analysis and fire planning at the brigade, division and Corps fire support element FSE. We just get so bogged down in work that nothing feels noteworthy by the end of a year.

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