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    Lubriplate. SPO Miles MIL-GEAR Polyalphaolefins (PAO) Gear Lubricant. Industrial. Lubriplate. SPO Miles MIL-GEAR Miles Lubricants Cross Reference Guide can be used only as. FOOD GRADE LUBRICANTS CROSS REFERENCE Food Grade Greases SHELL LUBRIPLATE GREASE WAREHOUSE JAX MOBIL Cassida Grease Synxtreme FG-2 Super Foodplex Halo-Guard FG Mobilgrease FM Grease FM 2 Pure Tac Foodplex Magna-Plate 8 Mobil SHC Polyrex Food Grade Gear Oils SHELL LUBRIPLATE GREASE WAREHOUSE JAX MOBIL. Company Page (Cross Reference Index & Disclaimer) 1 European Code cross reference 2 Air Compressor OEMs 5 Amalie 8 Amoco 10 Anderol & Royal 13 Bel-Ray 19 BP-Castrol 23 Certified Labs (Lube Master) 37 Chevron 41 Citgo & Mystik 45 Conoco-Phillips & 76 49 DuBois 55 Exxon-Mobil & Esso 56 Fuchs 67 Gulf 87 Hydrotex 89 Kluber & Summit 93 Lube Engineers Lubriplate-Fiske . Lubriplate SPO L Extra Duty Anti Wear Oil. Excellent for use in high moisture and high temperature applications. Applications include gear cases, chains, machine ways, and general Can be used with silver alloy, copper, and copper alloy. Lubriplate Spo, L, Gear and Oil, CTN 12/2 Lb Btls by Lubriplate. Price: $ + $ This fits your. Make sure this fits by your model number. Thermal stability Provide a wear resistant film that reduces friction and heat. Heat and steam in food and beverage plants and canneries. LUBRIPLATE SPO Lubricants are specially designed for a wide variety of industrial applications such as gear cases, machine ways, chains and general purpose lubrication. These oils will provide a wear resistant film that reduces friction and heat. The polar affinity of SPO protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion as well as. The names Lubriplate,® SynXtreme® and LUBRI-ARMOUR® are registered owned by Lubriplate Lubricants Company. SPO SPO SPO SPO SPO SPO SPO SPO SPO-MG APG APG APG 80W APG APG 80W APG APG 80W 85W HO-3 HO-4 HO-5 HO-6 NO. 0 NO. 1File Size: 2MB. SPO ISO Grade 68, Mineral oil. Available Sizes 5 gallon pail ¼ Drum Drum CTN 12/1 qt bottles CTN 4/1 gallon jugs Actual field operations have proven that LUBRIPLATE SPO Lubricants provide a tacky, superior film for action in worm, bevel, helical and spur gears as well as machine ways, chains etc. This series of. LUBRIPLATE® Mobilgrease® XHP Pennzoil® Pennlith® EP Pennzoil® Premium Lithium Complex 2 Petro-Canada Multipurpose EP 2™ Royal Purple® Ultra-Performance® 2 Shell Albida ® LC 2 Shell Retinax® LC 2 SKF LGWA2™ SKF LGEP2™ Texaco Starplex® 2 Unocal 76 Multiplex Red™ Timken Construction and Off-Highway Grease Castrol File Size: KB.

    See above. Good for stern tubes. L-L Surge. These oils have excellent demulsibility, oxidation resistance and thermal stability, thus extending lubricant life. The anti-wear properties are compatible with brass, bronze and silver-alloy metals. Oil for I. Lubriplate, No. Crystal Pure 50X Vestan Syn. Crystal Pure 3X Vestan Syn. Cross Reference - Watson McDaniel. Gigabit Ethernet Primary Side. Provide excellent demulsibility and filterability, thus allowing water and contaminants to be easily removed. Motor Oil obs Moly Pure Syn. Add to Cart.

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